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How to Care for your Succulents

Succulents are able to survive with limited water and tend to thrive in warm environments because they can retain water. They love sunny rooms and its best to place your succulent pot near a sunny window.



Water your succulent by soaking ONLY the soil until the water runs out of the drainage holes. If your container/ pot does not have any holes  make sure you use less water. Avoid spray bottles.

Signs that you are overwatering your succulent.

Succulents do not like a lot of water, and if you overwater the leaves with turn mushy, soft and translucent. 

Signs that you are underwatering your succulent.

If you are underwatering your succulent you will notice that the leaves will start dying, turn brown and all dried up. The plant will start dropping the dried leaves and you will also notice your leaves turning soft and flat.

Extra Tips:

If you want to give a little extra care, make sure your succulents get a lot of light, they love direct sunlight and the plant will always lean towards the sun. Keep them in sunlight for at lease 5-6 hours a day.

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