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Peonies; the flower of spring!

From April through June, we are graced with beautiful Peonies, grown all over the U.S.

Ranging from purple, pink to red and white, the fragrant flower has a short blooming season and it is symbolic for good fortune, adding to its magnificent presence.

Peonies are native to China but have traveled to Asia, Europe and North America, expanding into more than 30 known species!

Have a look at some of our favorite arrangements featuring charming peonies of all colors!

The Spring Love arrangement combines peonies, cymbidium orchids and hydrangeas in a clear vase, for a classic dinner table centrepiece.

From our Simplicity Collection, the Coral Charm arrangement features coral peonies in a clear glass vase, guaranteeing a pop of color and aroma to your space.

Created for all purple lovers, the Adore arrangement consists of peonies, calla lilies and assorted flowers, ready to steal hearts.

With a variety of symbolisms, Peonies are both tied to history and mythology, ensuring their everlasting magic.

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