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Hello Fall, Hello Extra Care!

With the decrease in temperature, the needs of indoor plants tend to change. Here are some tips on how to adjust to the new season: 

A humidifier could mean a lot

Not just for you but also for your plants, a humidifier can provide several health benefits. Installing one of these devices counteracts the dryness induced by furnaces, ensuring that newly sprung leaves remain lustrous green! This is especially the case for orchids, which are accustomed to high humidity.

Fertilizing is not always a must

Starting at the end of summer, it is advised that you cut back on fertilizers. Feeding nutrients is recommended only in the phase when the plants are “actively” growing.  During winter, less light and water is received and our houseplants grow at a slower pace, meaning that they do not require any additional chemicals by Fall.

Less water is key

Overwatering might become the biggest problem, especially if you have a succulent garden. It may be unsettling to observe how the soil becomes drier than usual while doing nothing about it. Nonetheless, it is the correct thing to do in order to keep the plants lively during the colder months. 

Time for pruning and repotting

As tropical climates are the most common source of houseplants, temperatures ranging from 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for plants coming from a warmer area, however, this can vary depending on the species.  

In order to enjoy all the fantastic advantages that your houseplants can give you all year round, following the above-mentioned recommendations are proven to be helpful. 

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