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Cleaning Plants Is Not Rocket Science

The excess of dirt or dust on the leaves of plants or flowers could end up hindering the photosynthetic process which could lead to a delay of growth or illnesses. As a result, it is critical to clean them on a regular basis so that they remain healthy and lustrous. Here are 4 methods for cleaning your plant leaves at home:

Using a spray nozzle

Moving medium to large houseplants to the kitchen sink or shower and hosing them down with a sprayer nozzle is the easiest way to clean them. Maintain a low water pressure and verify the water temperature before spraying to ensure it is lukewarm, as hot and cold water can harm a plant’s leaves. As you spray, keep the leaves in place.

Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth

Wiping away the thin coating of dust from your indoor plant’s leaves with a towel and tepid water is another simple and efficient method. Large and tall plants, such as a fiddle leaf fig tree, benefit from this approach.

Clean indoor plant leaves with a duster

A feather duster is the easiest technique to remove a fine coating of dust from your houseplant’s leaves. For little indoor plants like a fern, this method is ideal. Brush the leaves gently to eliminate as much dirt and dust as possible. While a feather duster won’t always remove all of the dirt or dust from your plants, it will make cleaning the leaves of your plants much easier in the future.

Mist plants frequently to keep dust and dirt off leaves

If you have a large and tall plant, such as a money tree, this technique might be the simplest. Misting your indoor favourites on a regular basis might help keep them clean and healthy. It’s best to spritz the entire plant in a sink or bathtub, then let it dry before returning it to its original location.

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woman cleaning plant leaves by spraying them with water spray nozzle

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