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Summer Blooms

Summer – a season mostly associated with trips to the seaside and building sandcastles. Even so, it is a season abundant in colorful flowers and their captivating aromas. Many may think that the scorching sun is what makes flowers wither and die, but what if you were told that there are flowers which can withstand the summer heat?

Here are a few which will keep you smiling all summer long.

    1. Sunflower – a summer classic
      Whether you choose vibrant yellow or be a little different and choose a red hue, the sunflower is sure to put you in a summery mood. Place a single stem in a thin vase to make a statement in your kitchen or living room.
    2. Marigold – a bright summery bloom
      Many choose to display marigolds because of their gorgeous yellow, orange, red and even maroon colors, as well as their full blooms. What many don’t know though is that they are actually a practical flower, as they are a natural pest repellent due to their strong odor which is effective in keeping insects away. Add a splash of color to your home by placing them in a vase on your dining table – they’ll surely brighten up the place!
    3. Dahlia – a summer showstopper
      Popular due to their layered petals and showy blooms, dahlias are a great choice for a beautiful display in your home. While fuchsia is what most people go for, they are available in almost every other color. They are known to last quite a while when placed in a vase which makes them an even better choice for a home display.
    4. Hydrangea – an endless summer flower
      An eye-catching bloom whether it is used alone or combined with other flowers. You can find them in various shades of blue and pink and their large globe-like flower heads can most definitely make a dramatic impact in any room in your home.

Feeling inspired and want to add a touch of summer to your place? Head over to our summer collection – you are bound to find a gorgeous arrangement to brighten up your home!

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